Don't be late for the meeting tomorrow.

An affair this strange will not happen again for a long time.

Laurent sewed the button back on his shirt.

I thought the plan was to just talk to Edward.

I might not be home when you arrive, so just wait outside if that happens.

What are you angry about?

What do you want to say to him?

Your friend's enemy is your friend.

Alf didn't know how to answer the question.

He can't buy himself a car.

It was as if the devil was chasing after him.

Marvin has never been back there.


She drew a broken line to show where the property ended.

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Let's see you do that.

Rex invited me to a party at his home.

Excuse me, but could you tell me where the post office is?

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Everyone knows about us.

Look! There is a cat in the kitchen.

You must fasten your seat belts during take-off.

Could anything be more romantic?

It's Tatoeba.

Jim makes a point of jogging three miles every day.

Bring me my clothes.

Was someone helping you?

It was an unfavorable day for baseball.

The book is on the desk.

There are lots of eggs in that box.

He's quick with girls.

I'm in a state of shock.

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My room's a little messy.

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Tanaka is tall and likewise strong.


Tell me who they were talking about.

The blame lies elsewhere.

I'll change.

I think you need to find yourself a part-time job.

Charlie finished in third place.

On the edge of the cliff blooms the most beautiful flowers.

Her long hair was chestnut brown.


Loren wants us to mount the TV on the wall.

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The best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.

Micky is a charismatic performer, and really knows how to captivate her audience.

You are very silly to trust him.

Everything is going horribly wrong from Isaac.

Do you have any proof?


How come you know so much about Tatoeba?

I know why you're angry.

Maria showed us her villa.

This is your captain speaking.

Most of them are foreigners.

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Matthieu didn't want her parents to find out.

Kent was injured in the blast.

Marija bought a microscope.

She wiped away her tears.

Are you feeling better?

I was a bit hungry.

I was the only one who didn't know.

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Suu admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.

They will set sail for Bombay next Monday.

There is an international airport in Narita.

The magazine is for killing time.

I think I need to talk to Rathnakumar.


He acted like he didn't know me.

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I'll tell her you're here.

Let's play handball.

Louise was almost as young as Teri.

Jim has learned to like Japanese dishes.

Is today Monday?

I'm glad to meet you, too, Mr Ito.

We should make every effort to maintain world peace.


She sat next to me.

Whether he comes or not, we'll begin the party on time.

I feel itchy everywhere.

We're exhausted.

"I hate the mole on your face." "But it is my mole!"


Dan remained reluctant to take part into Linda's plan.


Jinchao is one of the most interesting guys I've ever worked with.

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You're next, Cristi.


I've accused you unfairly. I am sorry.

I don't quite know how to say this.

I had that test in the meeting room.

I was sure we could trust Jinchao.

She's overconfident.


I suggest a correction to this sentence.

Chris isn't very tolerant.

Why isn't Dawson fighting back?

Would you marry me?

Do you remember how we got here?

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He started leaving love notes on her desk.


There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of police protection.

His unhappy childhood affected his outlook on life.

Elijah is still a member of our club.

Mysore is telling a story.

He is unmarried.

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I need to pick out a Purim costume.

He has a good knowledge of the internal affairs of Japan.

Saify plowed the whole field in three hours.

How many years has it been since I last saw you?

There's no use crying for help. No one will hear you.

Do you want to go in?

You always repeat the same thing.

He probably meant that people only go to demonstrations to show themselves and not to protest.

The document passed into the enemy's hands.

Elizabeth has better things to do with his time.

So annoying... Now I get a headache whenever I use the computer!


That was good.


Do you think Sri believed what you told him?


Helen is going to get here earlier than expected.


John is very tall. He stands about seven feet.

I need to meet your boss.

The Taiwanese dollar appreciated, causing Taiwanese exports to slump.

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He may be able to come tomorrow.

I want to run for president.

Once washed, the lining will look brand new.

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We're still working on it.


As a precaution against infection, please put on the face mask provided to you.

How long does it take from here to your house?

Our experiment went wrong last week.


My daughter is to get married in June.

Benson was sleeping; she was still wearing her torn white dress, and her long black hair, resting in a dishevelled manner upon her shoulders, contrasted strongly with the paleness of her face.

Mark took the book.

She talks as if he knew everything under the sun.

We can't back out now.

I believe we've seen enough.

The family members sat around the table.

You're supposed to be dead.

As the days passed by, we began to understand what kind of problem we had got into.

She was very beautiful in her youth.

Can anyone help?

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They wanted to keep southern states weak.

This exercise is simpler than I thought.

I want to know what's in this box.


His car fell into the lake.

Jerald started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

If you can't lift your backpack, then you can't carry it!

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James had a choice.

We've been worried.

She guaranteed his debts.

You see, I've got only these two castles, one hundred hectares of land, six cars, four hundreds heads of cattle and twenty racer horses...

I saw the moon above the horizon.

You can omit the preposition in this sentence.

There was no furniture in that room.


One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

It became her turn to listen.

See, I told you I could do it.

He is jealous.

When he ran into difficulties, he asked his parents for help.

I need to go feed the chicken.

Would you please leave us alone for a minute?

I don't know if I can do that.

I'm looking out for them.

So the reason that Tanaka stayed home today was because his grandmother died? Didn't he say that last month, and the month before that, too? Skipping is one thing, but I'd like him to at least come up with a better excuse than that.

Some well-meaning people think that those who are depressed should just pull their socks up and get on with life.

Your eyelids are closed, but I know you're awake.

We don't want any distractions.

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You're still working part time at a bakery?

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We'll be needing your help.

Dr. Hawking has written books such as A Brief History of Time.

Hirofumi came into the room quietly.

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Some insects can take on the color of their surroundings.

I don't have time to sleep.

I think Fritz is going to win.

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Berlin is in Germany.